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We are at that point of time where the threat to environment and to our sustainable living is more than alarming. The energy produced by burning of fossil fuels has potentially irreversible consequences of Climate Change, serious health issues and unstable economy. On the contrary, renewable energy generated from various natural means reduces Greenhouse gas emissions, helps to improve public health and aids economical growth for better living.
FEEWA Energy, the concept of which is derived from the Panchtatava Energies – Fire, Ether, Earth, Water & Air, is not mere a professional company but a sincere call to sensitize our society towards Green energy, a passionate initiative to revitalize our earth & environment and a conscientious step to attain a sustainable and economical tomorrow for a happier living.


FEEWA ENERGY PVT. LTD. established in 2016, with a strong focus on providing high quality turnkey solutions in the renewable energy sector. Our headquarter is located in the Himalayan state of Uttarakhand with business units planned in Uttar Pradesh, Delhi NCR and Karnataka.

Within a short span of time, the company has undertaken household solar roof-top installations and solar lighting solutions in Uttarakhand as well as partnered as technology consultant in vendor development & supply-chain integration for regional solar companies in Uttarakhand.

The company has a strong focus on strict quality standards in the sourcing of components as well as integration and installation of the solution. This is adhered to by vendor certifications, random sampling and in-house quality checks.

Our Mission

“To attain customer satisfaction by providing clean energy solutions and
adhering to high standards of quality and environmental sustainability”

Our Vision

“To be a leader in developing innovative technologies and providing clean energy
solutions for an environment friendly and sustainable future.”